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VitaLink Coir Classic Bloom 1L
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VitaLink Coir Classic Bloom 1L

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Coir Classic Bloom from VitaLink is a premium one-part solution designed for use throughout the flowering phase of the growth cycle. Coir Classic contains added macro and micronutrients to help maximise the benefits of using this solution.
Providing correct levels of essential nutrients is vital to achieving a maximised harvest. Growers using this solution have noted accelerated growth rates and improved plant health.
VitaLink Coir Classic contains humic acids and chelated micronutrients which will ultimately improve the uptake rate of the nutrient solution which will in turn speed up photosynthesis.

Developed specifically for use in coco coir
Optimal NPK ratio
Contains added humic acids and chelated micronutrients
Easy to use, one-part solution
How to Use
For best results, use in accordance to the feeding instructions provided on the label.