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Biobizz World Wide Organics is committed to the manufacturing and export of organic fertilisers of the greatest quality, as well as the results that growers achieve while using them.

The idea is straightforward: they want organic agriculture to reach as many people as possible so that we've had the least possible impact on the world we live in.

They have worked to promote sustainable agriculture, encourage self-sufficiency, and emphasise the necessity of using natural products and techniques to obtain everything we need since They first started creating organic products in 1992.
Biobizz was founded in Groningen, the Netherlands, in 1992. It was a modest family firm with a limited product line at the time, but the product's DNA was already evident. Biobizz has continued to expand since then. They are now present in 70 countries, but the feeling of belonging to a family remains, as all team members are familiar with one another and work together to guarantee that Biobizz remains a market leader.