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Growers can use Tribus® Original, a highly concentrated combination of three growth-promoting rhizobacteria, to boost crop quality and quantity from seedling to harvest in any type of cultivation system.

Root and stem growth are boosted by these bacteria's enzymes and other biochemicals that increase nutrient intake while also boosting the plant's growth rate and yield.

Treats 454 litres of water with 100 millilitres
1892 litres of water
A single 500-milliliter bottle is sufficient to treat 3784 litres of water.

Tribus® Original is a synergistic blend of three plant growth-promoting microorganisms that benefits consortiums. Soil-bound nutrients are unlocked and made available to the plant by a combination of these bacteria, which promotes root development and hence increases nutrient and water intake.

Efficacy: Tribus® encourages fast plant development in ways standard inputs cannot, from the field to the greenhouse. Tribus' nutrient-mobilizing properties imply that most farmers may fertilise less and harvest more while enhancing their soil quality for years to come, thanks to its high concentration of bacteria.

Bacteria in Tribus® work together to keep each other going. Endospores, which enable the bacteria cling on soil particles rather than wash away and allow them to withstand changes in pH, water and nutrients, and temperatures are only one of the ways Tribus® bacteria support one other in the plant root system. The complexity of the field-soil ecosystems implies that other inoculants quickly lose their potency after application.

Tribus® may be tank mixed and sprayed with all types of fertilisers, biostimulants, other beneficial microbes, and even most pesticides to save you time and effort. You don't have to be concerned about losing effectiveness when mixing Tribus® with powerful fertilisers because it is very salt- and pH-tolerant. The free-flowing Tribus® will not clog injectors, drip lines, or hydroponic systems because it doesn't contain any solids. Ever.

What you should know before getting started In addition to seedlings and clones, Tribus® Original can be treated up to harvest time. The only microbial product you need to apply on any plant you're cultivating is Tribus® Original. Tribus can assist as long as it has roots. One millilitre of fertiliser solution per gallon of water (3.8 litres). Use it at least once a week, if not every time you water your plants.

It's time to shake things up! Bacillus spores settle on their own in the environment. Use as often as every watering over the full development cycle of the plant, but no more than once every seven days. Suitable for usage right up until harvest time.

To achieve the greatest results, blend nutritional solutions within 24 hours. Hydroponic, soilless, and soil-based medium can be used.

INFORMATION RELATED TO THE APPLICATION When Tribus Original is applied early in the plant's life cycle, Bacillus colonies quickly form on and around the roots of the plant. Maintaining large populations of beneficial bacteria in the root zone by using Tribus Original as a complement to standard fertilisation programmes helps to promote strong plant growth from seedling and clone stages to harvest.