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Top-Max - Biobizz

Top-Max - Biobizz

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New heights are reached in terms of taste, subtlety, and fragrance.

There are three compelling reasons to use this all-natural blooming enhancer. Because it includes growth-promoting chemical compounds, this fertiliser can help flowers develop into larger and heavier clusters. Secondly, the absorption of nutrients is improved. Finally, the flavour of vegetables grown with Top-Max is more delicate and pleasant.

Top-Max's efficacy can be attributed to the Humic acids it contains. Leonardite, a mineral found in soil, is the primary source of these acids. Carboniferous age trees and plants that thrived 300 million years ago are the source of this.
Humic and fulvic acids work in concert to boost the energy of already existing plant cells and to promote the growth of new ones as well.

To what end should I put this thing to use?

Biobizz substrate blends are particularly beneficial when coupled with Top-Max.

During the first few weeks of blossoming, Biobizz recommends a dosage of 1ml per litre of water. As harvest approaches and before flushing, the amount can be raised to 4ml per litre of water. Stick to our approved Nutrient Schedule for the best outcomes.

 Please see BioBizz Feed Chart Here.