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TA Protect 60ml (GHE Protect)

TA Protect 60ml (GHE Protect)

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Boosters, the gold standard in their field Our investigation into organic stimulants has led us to an outstanding selection of items that we are pleased to provide. Independent scientists created Terra Aquatica's Pro Roots, Pro Bloom, and Protect, and both our own testing and those of several of our clients have shown that it is quite effective. 100% biodegradable, naturally produced, and compliant with European Union regulation CE N° 834/2007 on organic agriculture. By stimulating the development of alkaloidal unpleasant saps in the leaves and flowers, Protect (previously G.H. Protect) provides plant protection TA Protect fortifies a plant's immune system and deters pest insects. Spray on the leaves until the plants begin to bloom. Completely natural.

Please See GHE Feed Chart.