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TA Pro Roots 60ml (GHE GH Roots)

TA Pro Roots 60ml (GHE GH Roots)

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BOOSTERS the industry standard in boosters Through our research on organic stimulators we have found an extraordinary line of products that we are proud to include in our range. The Terra Aquatica Pro Roots, Pro Bloom and Protect were developed by independent researchers, and our tests, as well as those conducted by several of our clients, were dazzling!

Conformed to European regulation CE N° 834/2007 on organic agriculture, manufactured naturally and totally biodegradable. Pro Roots (formerly G.H. Roots) ultra concentrated root booster TA’s concentrated root booster  delivers the results of the original formula in a super concentrated form, allowing mineral growers to minimise the amount of organic matter in their grow. Ideal for systems such as AutoPot that are optimised for mineral nutrition.  Fully organic formulation.

Please See GHE Feed Chart.