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Spreader Mat

Spreader Mat

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Nutriculture NFT Spreader Matting

A roll of Spreader Matting for NFT systems in either 25ft, 50ft, 100ft or 925ft

  • Convenient size roll of Spreader Matting for NFT systems
  • Distributes Nutrient solution evenly across its surface
  • 8 inch (200mm) width


1 x  Roll  of Nutriculture NFT Spreader Matting
Length and width: 25, 50, 100 feet long x 8 inches (200mm) wide

How NFT Spreader Matting Works:

The NFT Spreader Matting is used with all NFT systems. The Spreader Matting is laid out on the surface of an NFT Top-Tray (in side-by-side rows if necessary to cover the whole grow-surface). The Spreader Matting evenly distributes the nutrient solution evenly over the growing surface, infusing it with oxygen as it does so, encouraging a thick mat of roots to develop.

How to use the NFT Spreader Matting

Roll the Spreader Matting out over the surface of the Top-Tray of the NFT system and cut it to length. For wide Top-Trays several runs maybe required. Ensure the rows of Spreader Matting overlap a little where they meet to ensure the Top-Tray growing surface is completely covered.