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Solar Green Power
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Solar Green Power

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To support the heaviest fruits and blooms, Solar Green Power uses silicic acid, the most readily available type of silica/silicon. In addition to boosting a plant's immune system, silica acid also enhances nutrient uptake and CO2 absorption, making the plant more resistant to pests and diseases.

Silica in the form of sand is the most widely available.
Increases the quantity of chlorophyll, improving photosynthesis by creating a protective cellulose coating around plant material.
Strengthens the branches and stems of the plant.
Boosts the defences of your plants
Enhances the integrity of plant cells in dramatic ways
Co2 uptake and nutrition intake are both boosted.
Reduction of water loss due to evaporation from leaves
Can be used with any type of medium or grow system.
Can be utilised all the way from veg to bloom.