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SMSCom MK2 4.5A Twin Fan Speed Temp Controller

SMSCom MK2 4.5A Twin Fan Speed Temp Controller

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Did you know: the best grow room temperature is 24oC - 28oC (day/lights on) and 22oC - 23oC (night/lights off)

Control your temperature with the speed of your fans – all you need is an SMSCom controller.
Your intake and extractor fans will speed up if your room needs cooling, or slow down if it needs heating (temperature sensor included).
Don’t worry about air exchange – you can set minimum and maximum fan speeds.
It’s easy to set up! No
hard wiring’s needed. Just plug your fans in, then set your target temperature, min speed & max speed using the 3 dials. It’s that simple!If you need a longer power cable, you can quickly plug it into your controller's IEC socket (like what lots of kettles have!). 
For safety, each controller has a replaceable fuse.
Overall, your controller can handle a total 4.5 Amps. 

• Tidy, small & easy to use
• No hard wiring needed
• Save energy – fan speed slows when you need it to
• Easy to connect - plug and play!
• Simple to program (via 3 dials)
• Power cable included (90cm)
• Temperature sensor included
• Min speed: ensure there’s adequate air exchange
• Max speed: ideal for oversized fans
• Handles 4.5 Amps in total
• Protective, replaceable 4.5 Amp fuse
• IEC power cable connection 
• Features 2 x 3 pin UK plug sockets