SMSCOM Hybrid 16a MK2

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in short - precision electronic air conditioner.
- adjustable minimum and maximum fan speed. Includes
-5 meter NTC temperature sensor.
- backup protection included.
- Available in 2 amps,
amps, 8 amps and 16 amps.

The hybrid controller combines mechanical fan speed operation with the latest digital temperature measurement technology.
The result is a completely silent dual fan speed controller with very precise temperature control.

The hybrid controller has a 5m NTC temperature sensor that allows the device to be placed in any convenient location.
The mechanical side provides a solid and heavy controller with completely silent fan speed. Built-in temperature control software offers faster response times, lower idle speeds and better accuracy for the best results of this type of controller.
The hybrid controller is very easy to use. Simply connect the fans and place the sensor in the room.

Next, determine the minimum speed and required temperature for both fans. The controller now maintains your temperature by automatically adjusting the fans between the controller's lowest and highest settings.

With an additional program added to the software that removes excess moisture from the grow area when the lights are off. When the grow room lights go out, the SMSCOM Hybrid Controller automatically switches to another program that speeds up the fans by one step every hour, just long enough to remove excess humidity from the room.

When the lights come on, the hybrid controller switches back to the main program. The secondary program can be activated at any time by removing the cap, so the grower can choose to use this feature at any stage of the growing cycle.