Size 1 - 62% 2 Way Humidity Control-Pack Of 20

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A Pack of 20 2-Way Humidity Regulators, 62% Off

Boveda is a well-known brand.
Size (W x H x D): 15 x 15 x 3.5 cm | Weight (in g): 20


Safeguarding Engineering

Boveda is effective because it uses a saltwater solution to spread pure water vapour molecules, which form a monolayer shield over the trichomes of the herb, protecting its more valuable components. Similarly crucial is the fact that the Boveda packs actively try to adjust the relative humidity (RH) to optimal levels, doing so via a constant feedback loop that keeps the RH at a steady state.

Overly high levels of humidity can promote the growth of toxic moulds, while too low of a relative humidity might have a negative influence on product quality and efficacy.

When compared to other products, Boveda's humidity is the purest and cleanest on the market. A single Boveda pack has been shown in trials to be more effective than six standard humidity packs comprised of water and glycerine. In addition, they offer no trichome defence.

Boveda's patented vapour phase Reverse Osmosis membrane contains the special salt solution. Boveda is able to maintain a consistent RH for its stored herbs thanks to the surplus salt in the package. Since the sachet releases or absorbs water vapour to keep the relative humidity constant, the salt-to-water ratio shifts as the salt turns from a solid to a liquid as more water is contained within the package. Salt re-condenses when more water is added; water vapour is the only substance that can penetrate the impermeable membrane that forms the monolayer shield. You may rest assured that only pure water vapour will come into contact with your herbs and that you are taking every precaution to keep them safe. Terpenes are readily misplaced but impossible to replace, so safeguard your supply with a Boveda humidity control system today!

The 62 percent range is ideal for keeping tackier herbs alive in dry regions and at higher altitudes.

Each pack is designed to hold 3.5 grams, so you can shield 14.5 grams of material with this bundle.

Within a sealed desktop humidor or CVault, Boveda keeps the relative humidity at a constant level by exhaling or inhaling purified water vapour.

Boveda should not be used in conjunction with any other humidification agents, and the RH levels within the same humidor should not be mixed. Dueling within the Boveda will decrease its effectiveness.