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Shogun Samurai - Hydro A + B Soft Water 1L

Shogun Samurai - Hydro A + B Soft Water 1L

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SHOGUN Samurai Hydro is a complete 2 Part grow and bloom hydroponic nutrient to rival all others. With precision ingredients blended meticulously to a strict code of perfection, SHOGUN Samurai Hydro also includes the revolutionary SmartZen ingredient – bringing the latest in cutting edge plant technology to further impose the superiority of Samurai over all other currently available fertilisers.

Balanced high grade nutrition to support all stages of growth
Fully Integrated into the full suite of SHOGUN additives for seamless integration
Contains the revolutionary SmartZen Yield Maximiser ingredient proven to increase yields by up to 8% above standard NPK formulas
SmartZen maximises nutrient uptake and transport for superior plant performance
Set includes 1 Litre of part A and 1 Litre of Part B