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Sensizym - Advanced Nutrients

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Learn how to stimulate the breakdown of dead root material in order to save money and increase yields.

When you provide your plants with a root zone rich in active enzymes that break down rubbish and boost nutrient absorption, they will help you enhance your garden's produce.

It goes without saying that a practical enzyme formula that breaks down dead material from your root zone provides reusable nutrients for your plants, saving you money, is beneficial to your garden.

Here's what's going on behind the scenes...

Turn your plants' waste into nutrition by composting it in the root zone.
To begin with, enzymes are molecules that break down other molecules, and you can use this knowledge to boost your growth and yields.

Your plants' roots would be surrounded by billions of beneficial bacteria that produce enzymes if you were growing outside in the healthiest, most fertile soil.

Dead roots, other organic detritus, and wasted nutrients are regularly broken down by these enzymes. They convert them into materials that your plants utilise as fuel, allowing them to grow faster and produce more.

One of the key reasons that outdoor plants grow so large and fruitful is because of the abundance of enzymes in the root zone.

However, you can't just use any enzymes. You must provide your root zone with the most powerful enzymes for the job.

Chitinases, proteases, hydrolases, glucanases, and cellulases are among the most valuable enzymes.

You generate the powerful enzymatic environment your roots require by injecting living, thriving, concentrated doses of these enzymes into your root zone.

At the same time, the enzymes are converting waste into pre-digested plant food!

In an enzyme formula, you get just what you need.


Now let's look at how to combine the right enzymes in a formula that will function in your hydroponics system.

Because many hydroponics firms cut corners that reduce the value of enzymes. Some firms outsource their manufacture so they don't know what's in their enzyme products, rather than employing the specific types and ratios of enzymes that have been demonstrated to work the hardest and fastest in your root zone.

Because you need enzymes that have been properly extracted in specialised bioengineering laboratories if you want to give a guaranteed effective enzyme mix to gardeners.

In these facilities, scientists grow massive volumes of helpful soil microorganisms (the ones that make the enzymes your plants require) and then ferment them to obtain concentrated concentrations of enzymes.

The enzymes are then evaluated individually and in combination to verify that they have the longest shelf life, viability, and effectiveness in the root zone.

Scientists have discovered that some enzymes don't work well with others, or that some enzymes can't be maintained active in solution for long periods of time. They also figure out what pH and liquid viscosity are best for preserving enzyme bioactivity for lengthy periods of time.

There are, of course, other factors to consider. The pH and temperature of nutrition water in your hydroponics garden are known to Advanced Nutrients scientists. They ensure that Sensizym® enzymes work to their maximum potential in your pH and temperature range.

By the way, it's worth noting that Sensizym enzymes and beneficial bacteria in your root zone form a beneficial circular cycle.

Sensizym's enzymes, for example, break down decaying organic material into sugars, which are then consumed by helpful microorganisms, resulting in the production of new enzymes.

Now you can save money on Rockwool, Coco, or whatever other root zone material you're using.
Putting it all together, you now have a simple approach to improve your roots, provide more nourishment to your plants, boost floral growth, and break down dead organic debris in your root zone.

As you prepare to order some Sensizym that is 100 percent organic and offer all of these benefits to your garden, growers have discovered another intriguing truth about Sensizym.

Growers have told Advanced Nutrients that Sensizym does such a wonderful job of digesting root zone detritus that you may reuse root zone media like rockwool and coco coir, which has been confirmed by gardeners and plant scientists.

Because you don't have to buy root zone material as frequently, you save money and time. It's not necessary to buy it and then pre-treat it as frequently. You also won't have to dispose of it as frequently.

So purchase Sensizym and reap the benefits of a healthy root zone that results in plants that grow quickly and yield abundantly.

When you go to your local store to acquire your enzyme formula, know that Sensizym is the only company that has such a large selection of bioactive, concentrated enzymes that have been specially researched and found to be ideal for your root zone.