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Sensi Bloom A + B - Advanced Nutrients
Sensi Bloom A + B - Advanced Nutrients
Advanced Nutrients

Sensi Bloom A + B - Advanced Nutrients

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  Using Sensi Bloom A+B, you may maximise your plants' blossoming potential.

The high-performance components in the formulations increase the pace of flowering and fruiting in your plants.

In order to provide your plants an extra burst of energy during the blooming stage, Advanced Nutrients developed Sensi Bloom A+B. The nutrients are easily absorbed by plants since the products are extremely soluble. The usage of Sensi Bloom A+B during the blooming and fruiting stages ensures higher harvest yields and tastier fruits.

The following is a list of general information.

It is possible to use Sensi Bloom A+B with any hydroponic substrate or system.
It contains natural and organic elements such as macro- and micro-nutrients, fulvates, amino acids, and humates, as well as a wetting agent in Sensi Bloom A+B's two parts.
The mixture was created by Advanced Nutrients specifically for the blossoming and fruiting phases of plants.
As a result of its high-quality manufacturing process, this plant food supplies additional energy to your plants throughout the bloom/fruit development cycle.
As a result, Sensi Bloom A+B uses Advanced Nutrient's pH-perfect technology, which ensures that all nutrients are given to the plant in a solubilized state.
Advanced Nutrient boosters and supplements are compatible with this product.

Two components make up the basic nutrient, which may be used in any hydroponic system. It's an all-in-one fertiliser that provides all the nutrients your plants need to thrive during the flowering period. A wetting agent is included in the mix to aid in the absorption of nutrients by the plant's root system. Because of their high concentrations in soil, humic and fulvic acids make it easier for plants to absorb and transfer nutrients. Amino acids in Sensi bloom are the building blocks for proteins, which enhance growth and speed up your plants' metabolic processes. When using the pH perfect technology, you don't have to worry about manually adjusting the pH levels in your solution.

Sensi Bloom A+B is used in the blooming stage to promote strong flowering and excellent fruits. Use 4 ml/L of each part A and part B.

The blooming period necessitates the use of Sensi Bloom A+B, a two-part fertiliser. Equal amounts of each part should be used. Stir in component A into your water tank first. Add portion B to the mixture and stir it in. Keep the items out of the reach of children and pets. Keep them out of the reach of children and away from excessive temperatures. When handling the items, wear gloves to safeguard your hands. Do not make contact with skin and eyes.