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Root Builder, our root zone inoculant, is made up of bacillus bacteria that have been precisely chosen for their beneficial properties. At all phases of growth, it encourages a healthy and active root zone.

Bacillus licheniformis and Bacillus subtilis are only two of the helpful bacteria that Root Builder provides to any growing media.
You can use Bacillus licheniformis to chelate heavy metals so that your plant can focus on other crucial duties, such as producing huge and gorgeous flowers.
It is a highly useful bacteria that concentrates on enhancing the plant's natural defence mechanisms.
Iturins, compounds that kill off unwanted microbes in your plant's rhizosphere, are also created as a result of this process.

Organic and inorganic fertilisers are better absorbed by plants when they are converted to plant-available forms by this microbial soil amendment, which is made up of these organisms.

During the vegetative stage, this aids the plant's absorption of nutrients required to its rapid foliage growth and its intensive fruiting. Soil structure will be enhanced, moisture retention will be improved, and pH-related issues will be treated by introducing these beneficial bacteria into play.
All of this is for the benefit of your plant and to give it the best possible chance of achieving its full potential.