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Rhino Skin - Advanced Nutrients
Advanced Nutrients

Rhino Skin - Advanced Nutrients

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Advanced Nutrients Rhino Skin is a high-performance supplement created exclusively for hydroponic growth systems, using a unique silica combination.
Despite the fact that silica is the second most abundant element in natural soil conditions, hydroponic fertilisers and root zones do not include it. The cell walls of plants are made stronger by silica. Your plants' leaves, blooms, and stems are all dependent on the strength of their cell walls. Between the cells of a plant, silicon is used as a type of scaffolding. It is estimated that plants contain 10% silica by weight. Rhino Skin provides your plants with high-quality silicon in order to ensure their health and rapid growth.

The following is a list of general information.

There are two main ingredients in Rhino Skin: Potassium Silicate (0.4 percent) and Dioxide Silicate (0.15 percent). The product is designed to be used from the second week of the vegetative stage up to one week before flushing.

Some of the benefits you could see by using Rhino Skin:

Grows your plants faster and assures a healthy yield; Encourages the formation of more flower buds; Strengthens your plants' cell walls; Protects your plants from adverse situations such as increased heat; Increases nutrient uptake; and
The Advanced Nutrients additives and boosters work nicely together.

The Science Behind it all

Advanced Nutrients  Rhino Skin is designed to reinforce the cell walls of your plants and produce healthy, high-yield harvests. Your plants may readily absorb the silica in this product since it is in a highly soluble form. Silica is a naturally occurring element in soil. Plants utilise it to enhance their immune systems and reinforce their cells. Using Rhino Skin, your plants' stems and roots will grow thick and robust, making it easier for them to absorb nutrients. The recipe also prevents your plants from withering by reducing water loss via their leaves. Rhino Skin, unlike most silica formulations, is not alkaline. Advanced Nutrients' pH perfect line of products includes this one.

What You'll Need to Know

From the start of blooming till flush, growers apply Advanced Nutrient Rhino Skin. Use the product as directed, i.e., 2 ml per litre.

When it comes to a high-performance and high-quality recipe, Rhino Skin is a simple addition to your water tank. Make sure to include all of the necessary nutrients first. Boosters and supplements can be added at this point.  keep the product. In a well-ventilated area.

Protective gloves should be used when handling the formula. Rinse quickly if you come into touch with your skin or eyes.