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Rezin - Green Planet
Rezin - Green Planet
Green Planet

Rezin - Green Planet

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 A fragrance and flavour enhancer from Green Planet, Rezin is made to help your plants create as many terpenes as possible. A fermentation process including citric, ascorbic, gluconic, and lactic acids resulted in the creation of this product.



Rezin was designed to enhance the natural flavour and fragrance processes that are currently taking place in your plants. Rezin is a new resin additive that has been designed to boost resin production. EC (electrical conductivity/nutrient strength) will not be affected by Green Planet Rezin since it does not include any PGRs (Plant Growth Regulators). Some products ask you to withhold other nutrients when using enhancers, but with Rezin, you can utilise your other nutrients at full power without sacrificing any benefits.

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