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Psycho Myco
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Psycho Myco

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Psycho Myco contains different species of mycorrhizal fungi, beneficial bacteria and Trichoderma, all in one bottle. Research shows that this powerful formula will encourage plant and root development, giving plants the tools they need to maximize yields.

Psycho myco Increases the natural vigour and health of the plant. Improves transplanting, Accelerates growth rates of nursery stock and transplanted plants. Increases plant growth in poor soils. Reduces need for fertiliser, fungicide and water. Helps to extend the root system and its ability to make nutrients and water available for plant use. Users should look for explosive root development, enhanced yields, fruiting and flowering, nutrient and water absorption and transplant success.

  • Powerful bacteria specifically selected to boost plant performance
  • Increases root mass by up to 30%
  • Increases yield for less cost than competing products
  • Improves nutrient uptake rate
  • Can be used with substrates.