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Plants undergo a lot of stress and rapid assimilation of nutrients in their quest to build cell walls, produce chlorophyll, conduct photosynthesis, divide cells and other important functions. Calcium is an element that isn't very mobile within the plant and needs a good flow of fluid throughout the plant to pull it to the areas to which it is needed and more importantly the calcium needs to be in a form that the plant can easily transport. It is of no use if there is an ample supply of calcium but that the plant can't uptake it. Pro Cal has solved this issue so that our calcium source is readily available and married with extra magnesium and fully chelated iron.


Pro Cal is the ultimate in calcium magnesium supplementation and should be used on a regular basis with your Green Planet nutrient program. Pro Cal is used throughout the vegetative and flowering stages and ceasing use in the last week of the flowering stage which is usually a flush week incorporating Finisher, Liquid W-8, Zyme, and water.



Thickens cell walls

Helps form calcium pectate

Fully chelated iron

An important source of magnesium

Noticeable size increase

Improved enzyme function

Coco coir approved

Powerful formulation

Cost effective