Piranha - Advanced Nutrients

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You'll be thrilled with the increased yields you get from encouraging root development.

Root Colonizer - A Liquid Fungal and Microbial Inoculation

To foster a more organic and healthy environment for the plant's roots and leaves, Piranha uses helpful bacteria. There are eight different species of trichoderma and eight different species of endomycorrhizal fungus that invade the roots of piranhas. Several species of the genus Trichoderma might be thought of as opportunistic avirulent plant symbionts, since they are active fungal root colonisers that can be found in any soil. Mycorrhizal fungi are also symbiotic, meaning they live with plants and help them in return. They do this by trading their enormous surface area for water and minerals from the soil, which the plant's roots can then absorb more efficiently. In cases when host plants are unable to take up immobilised phosphate ions, mycorrhizal fungi are able to get access to these phosphorus sources and make them accessible to the plants they colonise. Natural compounds secreted by mycorrhizal fungi improve nutrient availability and root water retention, suppress soil pathogens, and lead to a more aerated, porous soil structure that may increase root mass by as much as 700%.

Not only does Piranha do wonders for roots, but it also acts as a foliar spray to protect plants against hazardous fungus that attack leaves and blossoms, such as Pythium, Pytophethoria, Rhizoctonia solani, Fusarium, Botrytis cinerea (grey mould), Sclerotium rolfsii, and Sclerotinia homoeocarpa. Scientific studies have shown that Piranha increases plant tolerance to soil illnesses and environmental stress, as well as increases nutrition and water absorption by plant roots. When utilised in conjunction with Voodoo Juice, the results of treating plants with Piranha are even more impressive.

SUGGESTED USE: 2 mL per 1 L between week 1 and week 2 of blooming.