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Piranha - Advanced Nutrients
Advanced Nutrients

Piranha - Advanced Nutrients

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Roots are what give your plants practically everything they need, and now you can boost your plants’ root mass so your plants obtain maximum nutrition and better blooming.

You achieve this by employing helpful fungus that performs the following for you:
The root's ability to absorb oxygen, nutrients, and water is enhanced by beneficial fungi.
Beneficial Fungi increases root development for maximum harvests
Helps your roots grow surface mass
Beneficial Fungi enhance synthesis of floral essential oils

Maximizing Your Yield Depends On Choosing The Right Types Of Beneficial Fungi
As you can see, the use of helpful fungus in your garden is an effective way to increase yields. But always note that it matter what sort of fungus you use. You need to add the proper sorts of the two key groups of helpful fungus.

Fascinatingly, plant scientists used to claim that only endomycorrhizal fungi entered root cells and that ectomycorrhizal fungi remained on the surface of roots.

New study undertaken by the experts revealed that super-strains of ecto and endo helpful fungus both enter roots, thus they have identified these strains as a mega-category termed “ectendomycorrhiza.”

The good news is that whatever you name them, helpful fungi produce a web of root augmentation termed a “fungal mycelium.”

Some Beneficial Fungi Are Better Than Others.


It’s crucial to recognise there are two ways hydroponics firms may pick from when they wish to manufacture a helpful fungal product.

The most prevalent decision starts when a hydroponics firm decides to save time, effort and money by employing a third-party company to bulk produce/bulk mix microorganisms without analysing them for specific plant suitability or microbial compatibility.

Instead of overseeing the process from start to finish, they outsource their production, and in the process they forfeit first-hand knowledge and oversight of product components and quality control.

Not only that, but their method incorporates an excessively general picture of fungus. For example, you’ll hear their product advertisements mention about “endo and ectomycorrhizal fungi.” This description of root zone fungus turns out to be so ambiguous as to be erroneous!

To use the term "General Motors" to describe a vehicle is the same as saying "Pontiac" or "Chevrolet."

The Malibu or Corvette could be a Chevy, too. Ok, if you’re lucky, you received the Corvette – but you’re still left wondering, because one kind of Corvette has the 300 hp motor, while the ZR1 Corvette has a 620 horsepower motor!

The good news is that our Piranha helpful fungus are not the Chevy Malibu, but rather a fully-loaded ZR1 Corvette with 620 horsepower! Here’s how we do it…

Advanced Nutrients recruits world-class microbiologists who almost live in the laboratory-that’s how competitive and committed they are about generating what they call “superstrains” of fungus that organically link with the roots of your plants. One of the scientists is exceptionally impressive: she has THREE Ph.D. degrees!

Precision tools and supplies are required by Advanced Nutrient's meticulous scientists in order to find the unique traits that distinguish each microbial strain as a superstrain. That’s why their fungi are particularly fast-replicating so they swiftly colonise root zones for speedy outcomes (yep, one of our most critical tests is comparing fast versus slow replicating fungus) (yes, one of our most important tests is comparing fast versus slow replicating fungi).

Piranha is NEVER OUTSOURCED. In addition, they employ a full-time Ph.D. microbiologist to oversee the whole production process, making us the only hydroponic nutrient firm in the world to do so in-house. (This also applies to our Tarantula and Voodoo Juice items.)

Each of Advanced Nutrient's microbial strains is individually produced in a purpose-built 10,000 litre breeding reactor (They are the only company that employs this extremely advanced procedure, not vats or tubs). Advanced Nutrient's microorganisms are afterwards brought to an evaporation tower and carefully dried. Then the Piranha superstrains are carefully recombined.

A "antagonist" chemical is used to put the fungus into hibernation, which ensures Piranha's reputation for extended shelf life and viability. This compound keeps the microorganisms inactive until the antagonist is diluted and mixed with Piranha in a nutrition reservoir or spray on the leaves.

As a result, your plants' roots become more robust, resulting in higher harvest yields with Piranha.

To top it all off, you'll realise why Piranha is worth every penny you spend when you get it right now.