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Overdrive - Advanced Nutrients
Advanced Nutrients

Overdrive - Advanced Nutrients

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A Breakthrough Additive That Maintains Peak Plant Performance Until the Time You Harvest Is Here!

Thousands of crops across the world have been given a boost thanks to Overdrive®, a strong late-season bloom enhancer developed by scientists.

With Overdrive, your plants' blossoming will be revitalised, allowing them to produce:

Intensely fragrant and luscious.
Potency and terpene levels have increased.
A crop that you may be happy to show off.
Your plants will be able to focus on generating the high-quality blossoms you've worked so hard to obtain with the aid of this premium addition.

The larger, fuller buds will be a nice surprise. The intoxicating scent. Compounds with a high concentration.

With Overdrive, you can get the most out of a period in your crop's life cycle that usually leaves producers unhappy.

Dozens of Growers are Using Overdrive® to Improve the Late Bloom Phase.
Overdrive has been praised by other growers...

Growers who, like you, had their hopes set on bumper crops were disappointed. For the first time, the importance of attaining their financial goals was recognised.

To cite just one example: Zachary from Winnipeg, Manitoba who harvested an enormous amount,

After a few weeks of no blooms, I decided to try something new. The fertilisers I tried all didn't work. Overdrive was recommended to me by the salesman at the hydroponics shop. Within a week, I saw a noticeable rise in the size of the flowers, and I was able to collect the enormous crop I had hoped for."

Grant from New Mexico, on the other hand, made...

The last week before a flush, I utilised simply the basic nutrition. However, I felt like I was missing out on something by doing so. During the last week that I was using Overdrive, I noticed that the buds were becoming larger. In my opinion, this is the best method to end your harvests."

Every year, Advanced Nutrients sell tens of thousands of bottles of Overdrive to farmers who have completely rewritten the rules for their last bloom weeks.