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Optic Foliar Switch
Optic Foliar

Optic Foliar Switch

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Combats hermaphrodites
Aids in the transition to the bloom phase
Safe: non-toxic & non-carcinogenic
SWITCH assures no loss in growth, quality or yield!
Safe to use in flower with no residues

Optic Foliar Switch uses two methods of action that directly benefit your garden: Faster transition to flower and ensuring female flowers stay female through the flowering process.

SWITCH contains ingredients that stimulates the onset of flower quicker, you’ll reduce stretch, get an increase in flowering sites and reduce flowering time by a week.

Some varieties of plants can be more genetically pre-disposed to producing pollen, which leads to seeded fruit come harvest time, reducing the yield of usable plant parts. Switch will stop any male flower parts from forming on your plants, so there won’t be any pollen to fertilise the remaining female parts.

Optic Foliar Switch is made up of proprietary secret ingredients, but its main mode of action is through ethylene gas which is a key hormone in the ripening stages of most fruit and flowers. Switch releases ethylene for a few days after application, so the spray keeps working. Ethylene is also used in the commercial ripening of bananas and is the gas responsible for fruit ripening quicker when new fruit is mixed with older, more ripe fruit (like in a bowl of fruit).

Indoors, we have the perfect environment to keep external pollen away from female plant parts, preventing seeds in our fruit by filtering the intake air - removing any particulates including pollen. We can’t stop pollen caused within the garden which is normally caused by plant stress such as a light leak but could also depend on the genetics of the plant. Using SWITCH at the onset of flower keeps female flowers female.

Switch allows indoor gardeners to grow varieties that are more prone to hermaphrodites without the risk of seeds in the crop. Seedless fruit is now a staple even in supermarkets, with a wide variety including: Grapes, Bananas, Watermelons, Tomato, Pineapple and many types of citrus fruit that’s now available in seedless form.

If you notice male flowers on your plants it’s not too late – apply switch as soon as possible and watch as the male flowers shrivel and fall off – reversing the hermaphrodite process. Any female flowers that have already been pollenated will be aborted, resulting in a seedless harvest.

How to use:

Optic Foliar recommend using 1l switch with 10ml Optic Foliar’s Transport to aid with an even, uniform application and to help the plant intake the active ingredients found in switch.

Do not dilute with water, must only be mixed with Optic Foliar Transport.

Only use half strength nutrients the day prior and day after treatment, giving plants a chance to recover.

Only mix as much switch as you need as the ingredients will lose efficiency over time once mixed.

Pour all un-used spray away and mix a fresh batch on your next application.

The manufacturers recommend an initial application of Switch soon after the onset of flower and once again 10 days later.

Avoid spraying directly onto forming flowers and aim for leaves
Switch is best used in temperatures between 15.5 - 24°C
Only a light application is required – Switch is a strong product and will have the intended effect when plants are misted rather than drenched.

The day after application, some customers may notice wrinkling in the leaves or a yellow or white bleaching or spotting on leaves which is completely normal – it’s just a build-up of ethylene that must exit the plant. This will not affect overall plant health.