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Monkey Nutrients - Grow A+B
Monkey Nutrients - Grow A+B
Monkey Nutrients

Monkey Nutrients - Grow A+B

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To ensure that your plants get all the nutrients they need to thrive, use Monkey GROW. In this two-part formula, we've included a special blend of minerals and biostimulants. More nutrients are assimilated because of this hybridization of mineral and organic worlds. To ensure a healthy start to life, the ratios of all 17 essential macro and micro nutrients are precisely calibrated. This line of Monkey Nutrients base feeds is specifically formulated for use in UK waters.

What Is GROW?

In the vegetative stage of growth, Monkey Grow is a modified version of the base feed.

Nitrogen (N) has been ramped up, while Potassium (P) and Phosphorus (K) have been kept at a moderate level to give plants the best possible start.

Our base feeds are divided into two parts, Part A and Part B, in order to improve shelf life and stability. A "crash out" of the solution or unwanted reactions between the elements are prevented.

Beneficial bacteria and stimulants found only in Part B work to increase the availability of minerals.


Shoots. Grow as many new shoots as possible during vegative development.

Specifically developed for UK water, Grow is a highly concentrated formula that works well in both soft and hard water environments.

For our base feed, we only use the highest-quality minerals. Chemical ionisation enhances the plant's ability to utilise these nutrients.

Rapidly increasing nutrient absorption is facilitated by the addition of bio-stimulants to the mineral elements.


Early plant life relies heavily on nitrogen because it is a key component of proteins and chlorophyl (required for photosynthesis). In order to synthesise plant proteins and hormones, bioavailable nitrogen is used as a building block. Plant growth is influenced by these, which act as growth factors.

Beneficial bacterias and bio-stimulants have evolved to work symbiotically with plants for millions of years. Mineral elements are made more bioavailable through their efforts. An increase in assimilation and prevention of salt build up and lockout can be achieved by unlocking more nutrients from your growing medium. Hybrid performance is achieved through the use of both mineral and bio elements, which combine the best of both worlds.