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Boost by Monkey Nutrients

Monkey Boost is a metabolic enhancer that greatly enhances the genetic potential of your plants, resulting in sweeter fruits. Amino acids, carbs, and other naturally occurring growth stimulants are included in this formula. This solution, with its formula for improving photosynthetic capacity and sugar content, will help your plants meet the high energy needs of fruit and flower production. As a result, your harvests will be richer and heavier because of this. Monkey Boost is an all-natural supplement that enhances the flavour and weight of your food while keeping the plant micro-life happy. Take care of your plants when they need it the most.

What Is BOOST?

Increased levels of amino acids and carbohydrates are combined in Boost to promote rapid growth of plants. When used together, they improve the quality, flavour, and yield of the fruits.

Growth hormone (stimulant) Triacontanol can be found in alfalfa meal, sugar cane and beeswax, as well as in supplements.

"The building blocks of life": L-amino acids Just as important for plants as it is for animals. growing and developing plants in a vital way

Sugars in various forms, like as oligosaccharides obtained from sugar beat extract, are examples of carbohydrates (molasses).


Fruits. It's vital to have a lot of fruit, but it's also crucial to have tasty fruit. In order to produce sweeter, heavier fruits, boost stimulates the production of essential oils and terpenes.

To date, studies have demonstrated that Triacontanol is an extremely potent growth stimulant, influencing the processes of photosynthesis and enzyme activity; nutrient uptake; CO2 assimilation; and yields.

The growth of chlorophyll and the acceleration of photosynthesis are made possible by amino acids. As a result, the plant's ability to produce and store sugar in its fruits is enhanced.

Food for the plant and its micro-life is provided by carbohydrates. It is only during bloom that the plant is able to produce its greatest amount of carbohydrates and energy.


The up-regulating characteristics of natural growth boosters directly alter metabolic processes. When administered at the correct dosage, they greatly speed up essential processes like photosynthesis. Flowers have higher energy demands, therefore enhanced nutrient and CO2 uptake aids in creating more carbohydrates for the plant.

Chlorophyl, the pigment that absorbs light during photosynthesis, is largely composed of amino acids. The plant's photosynthetic demand, which is at its highest during flower and fruit production, can be met by giving more building blocks for the plant to synthesise more chlorophyll.

Boost is beneficial to both the plant and the micro-life within it. Plants and their symbiotic partners must both feed in order for them to survive. While in flower, the plant can concentrate on making its own natural sugars by using bacterial biostimulants.