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Mills - Vitalize

Mills - Vitalize

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Strengthen plants and improve immunity with Mills Nutrients Vitalize. 

It's a stabilised silic acid that is used to fortify plant cell walls.

Dose with this to thicken stems, leaves and branches. With a thicker cell walls, plants will be better able to withstand pest attacks & cope with stress. Thicker, stronger leaves improve photosynthesis.

Silica aids with most key functions - photosynthesis, translocation & nutrient uptake - to name a few!.

Best of all, plants will  be sturdy enough to support a heavier yield!  

Stabilised silica

Strengthens plants

Thickens leaves, stems & branches

Increase pest & stress resistance

Support a bigger, heavier yield

Aid nutrient uptake & translocation (bigger, stronger Phloem)

Increase photosynthesis (more strong, green leaves to absorb light)

Easy to use as foliar feed

NPK 0-0-0.8