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What are Microbes?

Biobizz Microbes is a complete consortium of beneficial microorganisms, enzymes and fungi that stimulates the germination process and initial seedling growth and supports the flowering stage. Creates a greater flow and absorption of essential nutrients and increases the final harvest.

This consortium of microorganisms has great benefits for the rhizosphere of the plant, increasing the useful surface of the roots. This translates into greater and better absorption of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and micronutrients during all phases of plant development. In addition, the chosen microorganisms are great promoters of phytohormones such as indoleacetic acid and gibberellins.

Biobizz Microbes is a product that is extremely concentrated. In the recovery of substrates, four of the most beneficial microorganisms have been chosen. These improve the process of plant feeding, hormone promotion, root tissue growth, and phosphorus solubilization in the maximum proportion. This correlates to more productivity and better fruit quality.

Enzymes from Biobizz Microbes catalyse organic substances in the culture medium, releasing free amino acids and enhancing the activity and effect of active microorganisms.

The protein chains provided by fertilisers are "unblocked" by these components. The enzymes speed up the rate of microbial colonisation in the substrate, as well as the quick catalysis of nutrients for the bacteria.

Therefore, enzymes are the perfect complement to the beneficial microorganisms in the substrate, creating a healthy and productive ecosystem.


Trichoderma mushrooms are good friends for the organic grower who wants to increase the health and productivity of their plants.

These fungi work in symbiosis with the roots of the plant, increasing the surface of the root system, water retention and nutrient absorption, so that the crop becomes more efficient.

The combination of all these elements in a comfortable format for the grower and easy to apply is the perfect tool to guarantee an improvement and increase in the properties and harvest volume.
What is the purpose of it?
Biobizz Microbes can be utilised at any time during the plant's life cycle, and they function exceptionally well when combined with other Biobizz products.

Microbes should be applied once a week at a dose of between 0.2 and 0.4 mg / L. Consult our official Cultivation Program for exact doses.

Assurance of Analysis

> 10,000,000 CFU / g Trichoderma harzianum
Bacillus valezensis (Bacillus valezensis) > 500,000,000 CFU/g
Bacillus megaterium (Bacillus megaterium) > 200,000,000 CFU/g
Bacillus pumilus (Bacillus pumilus) > 250,000,000 CFU/g
Bacillus licheniformis (Bacillus licheniformis) > 500,000,000 CFU/g