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Metal Wall Plate

Metal Wall Plate

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These metal ducting wall flanges allow for easy installation of ducting to a ventilation outlet or inlet in a wall.

Available sizes:

  • 4″/100mm
  • 5″/125mm
  • 6″/150mm
  • 8″/200mm
  • 10″/250mm
  • 12″/315mm

    For installation, simply fit the corresponding size flange securely to the wall and attach the ducting with a clamp or clip. Sealant and screws are best for ensuring a secure fitting.

• Square mounting wall plate with centrally mounted hole.

• Duct diameters from 100mm to 315mm.

• Pre-drilled mounting holes for easy fitting.

• Manufactured from galvanised sheet metal.

These fittings are designed to fit smoothly inside the correct size ducting and can then be secured with fast clamps or duct tape.