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MaxiSwitch Pro Solo Plugin Timer

MaxiSwitch Pro Solo Plugin Timer

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Many species of annual require a change in day length to set flowers for later fruiting; in general, most annuals require light between 16 - 24hrs a day for vegetative growth and 12 hours a day to blossom. With this heavy duty timer, you can precisely set how long in a 24hr period the lights are on for.

This unit is really easy to use with the on-board tappets; you can plug and play straight out of the box.
The timer is robust with 96 selectable options.

How to use:
Each tappet represents 15minutes, slide them out to be ‘on’, or in to be ‘off’
Use this timer on 600w light fixtures or lower wattages as the start-up power required for HID lighting can be extremely high.
You can use this timer for your additional grow room equipment including air circulation fans, nutrient pumps, air stones e.t.c