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Massive Bloom - Green Planet

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Green Planet - Massive Bloom

Green Planet Nutrients Massive is a bloom supplement that's been developed using combination of naturally derived nutrient components.

Green Planet's Massive has a proven track record of over a decade, for not only supercharging your plants, but also significantly boosting overall yields with ripe, weighty and healthy fruits.

Green Planet Nutrients state that Massive is a flagship product as year after year they receive an abundance of positive feedback, making it a must have supplement during the bloom cycle of your plants.
Massive can be used with any grow system, or medium, and can be used alongside your regular nutrients and feeding regime.


Use 5ml per litre during week 3 of flower and stop at start of the final week of flower or at the start of the flush phase.

 Please See Green Planet Soil Feed Chart.
Please See Green Planet Hydro Feed Chart.