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Massive Bloom - Green Planet
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Massive Bloom - Green Planet

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Bloom supplement Green Planet Massive Bloom has been designed using a blend of naturally derived nutrients.

Using Green Planet's Massive, you can be confident that your plants will not only be boosted, but you'll see an increase in the number of fruit that is ripe, heavy, and otherwise healthy.

Massive, according to Green Planet Nutrients, is a must-have supplement throughout the blooming period of your plants because of the overwhelmingly good feedback they receive.
In addition to your regular fertilisers and feeding regimen, Massive can be used in any grow system or medium.


Use 5ml per litre during week 3 of flower and stop at start of the final week of flower or at the start of the flush phase.

 Please See Green Planet Soil Feed Chart.
Please See Green Planet Hydro Feed Chart.