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What exactly is LeafCoat?

Leaf is a ready-to-use treatment that strengthens and protects plants from damaging leaf fungus and insects. It's made of natural latex, which was initially created to prevent evaporation, and it creates a porous, self-degradable barrier on the leaf that nevertheless lets air and light through.

What is the best way to use it?

There's no need to mix anything. Apply water directly from the bottle, preferably from an atomiser, to coat the leaves. Spray the leaves and flowers thoroughly twice a week until the flowering season is over, about a fortnight before the end of the flowering period. A very thin elastic coating 1.5 microns thick grows on the leaves within a few hours of treatment. Its positive benefits can extend up to two weeks Until light or sunlight naturally decomposes it.

Why does LeafCoat provide superior protection in all weather conditions?

LeafCoat helps protect the plant from losing too much water through evaporation when the environment becomes too hot and humid (above 28oC). Simultaneously, the natural latex coating that grows around the leaves allows the plant to breathe and prevents it from sweating. When the temperature lowers, as it does in the winter, LeafCoat protects the leaves by assisting in maintaining their temperature.
LeafCoat could not be more ideal or safer to use as an environmentally friendly alternative to pesticides. Pesticide usage is reduced, which saves money. It also has a lovely smell and does not irritate, unlike synthetic and harmful products.

Why Leaf·Coat offers better protection in all conditions.

If the atmosphere gets too hot and humid (over 28ºC), Leaf·Coat helps prevent the plant from losing too much water through evaporation. At the same time, the natural latex layer it forms around the leaves, helps the plant breath and stops it from sweating. Then when the temperature drops, such as in winter months, Leaf·Coat safeguards against the cold by helping maintain the leaf temperature.

As an environmentally friendly alternative to pesticides, Leaf·Coat couldn't be more suitable or safer to use. Reducing the need to use pesticides also saves money. And unlike synthetic and toxic products it has a pleasant smell and doesn't irritate. Because Leaf·Coat doesn't get absorbed by the leaves, it doesn't affect the taste of the fruit either.