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IWS Auto Drain Run off Tray & Stand

IWS Auto Drain Run off Tray & Stand

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Plastic Purpose Iws watering and run off tray for the iws auto drain system. Additional or repplacement.

Can be used for home made and or diy systems.

Then the IWS AutoDrain could very well be the product for you! Rather than using a standard saucer or tray, plant pots (up to 35cm) sit in their own AutoDrain which then allows any run off to be removed quickly and efficiently. This means plants, or more importantly roots, aren’t sat in water, the medium isn’t getting overly saturated, nutrient uptake is also improved, and the risk of rot root is vastly reduced.

For hand watering grow techniques in soil or coco
Suitable for round/square/air pots & fabric pouches up to 35cm
Easily extended to be used with as many pots as required
Helps improve nutrient uptake
Reduces the risk of root rot/pythium
Excess solution can be run to waste or recirculated