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IWS Aqua Pot

IWS Aqua Pot

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The Nutriculture Aqua Pot is a top-quality IWS spare part. The product is made for use with clay pebbles and rockwool fibre. The pot's mesh bottom allows for accelerated flood and drain. The product is made of strong and durable plastic. Professional growers worldwide use Nutriculture Aqua Pots to optimise harvest yields and achieve top-quality crops.

General Information

  • The product is a high-performance IWS spare part;
  • The product comprises a round copper disc on the bottom;
  • It's compatible with Flood and Drain and Dripper systems;
  • It's made of strong plastic. 

The Science

The Aqua Pot fits inside the Outer Pot as an integral part of the grow system. Drainage areas cover the pot's bottom and sides.
The water entering the pot forces stale air out of the substrate and allows increased levels of passive air to enter the plants' root zone for super-oxygenation.
Use the Aqua Pot with draining growing substrate such as clay pebbles or rockwool fibre.

How to Use

Use the Aqua Pot with Flood and Drain and Dripper grow systems. The product can hold 6.5 Litres of substrate.