Indizono Ozonizer

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the Indizono Ozonator 150mm 3500mg/h, perfect for connecting to the extraction system of our indoor grow to effectively neutralise the distinctive odour given off by the any plants. This device is able to transform the oxygen (O2) into ozone (O3), a gas and a powerful deodorant, disinfectant, fungicide, virucide and bactericide, eliminating odours, bacteria and germs from the ventilation system of our indoor grow space.

This is made possible thanks to a system of electrodes and ceramic plates, responsible for transforming Oxygen into Ozone, in an efficient and innocuous way.

This system is much more economical than tube ozonators, while being equally efficient and offering a long useful life.

It is very simple to install, just attach it to the ducting behind the extractor fan, plug it in and direct the airflow to the exterior of the grow to get the best results.

The Indizono Ozonator does not need any maintenance other than cleaning away any dust and residues to ensure optimal operation.

Indizono Ozonizer 150mm (3500mg/h) info:

  • Ozonizer 150mm in diameter
  • Generates 3500mg/h of ozone
  • For up to 3000m3
  • Consumption: 30w
  • Useful life of the ceramic plate: 18 months

Keep in mind that breathing ozone can damage your respiratory system. We recommend to evacuate the air to the outside and turn off the ozonizer whenever you switch off the extraction fan.

The manufacturer recommends to use a voltage surge protector.