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Hydrotops- Floral Boost

Hydrotops- Floral Boost

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Hydrotops Floral Boost - Gain Extra flowering Weight

Hydrotops Floral Boost Hydro/Coco enhances the levels of phosphorous, potassium, magnesium and ammonical nitrogen needed for the profuse setting of flowers and fruit. HydroTops Floral Boost is an advanced growth enhancement concentrate for flowering plants. Rich in organic floral stimulants, amino acids and hormones. Hydrotops Floral Boost promotes extreme nutrient assimilation, meaning your plants will take up every last drop of nutrition available and also contains no PGR's (plant growth hormone) in order to gain extra flowering weight, just quality raw bio-mineral ingredients.

Designed to promote During the key period in the bloom cycle (weeks 3-6) abundant floral growth, HydroTops Flora Boost, supports flowers and fruit.