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Hydro Vega (A+B) 1L - CANNA

Hydro Vega (A+B) 1L - CANNA

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Canna Hydro Nutrients were created in the Netherlands and are compatible with all hydroponics growing mediums (substrate) except coco.

Canna Vega is used for vegetative growth, whereas Canna Flores is used for blooming and fruiting. We also advocate feeding Canna Vega Start to new plants just during the cutting/seedling period, since the more mild blend of components is ideal for their delicate needs.

5:3:10 NPK ratio for Canna Hydro Flores (A+B) / 6:2:8 NPK ratio for Canna Hydro Vega (A+B)

The following are the manufacturer's recommended dilution rates (per litre of water):
Vega Start: 2-4 mL (cutting/seedling)
2-4 mL of A and 3-4 mL of B in Hydro Vega (vegetative stage)
3-4 ml Hydro Flores A and 3-4 ml Hydro Flores B (flowering stage)

Please see the Canna Hdyro Feed Chart for more information.