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Hydro Vega (A+B) 1L - CANNA

Hydro Vega (A+B) 1L - CANNA

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Researched and developed in the Netherlands, Canna Hydro Nutrients have been designed for use with all hydroponics growing mediums (substrate) except coco. Available in hard water (HW) and soft water (SW) formulations, you start out by applying Canna Vega for vegetative growth and then switch to Canna Flores for flowering/fruiting. We'd also recommend that you only feed young plants Canna Vega Start during the cutting/seedling stage, since the more subtle blend of elements perfectly suits their delicate needs.  

Canna Hydro Flores (A+B) NPK ratio: 5:3:10 / Canna Hydro Vega (A+B) NPK ratio: 6:2:8

The manufacturer's recommended dilution rates are as follows (per litre of water):

Vega Start: 2-4mls (cutting/seedling)
Hydro Vega: 2-4mls of A and 3-4 mls of B (vegetative stage)
Hydro Flores: 3-4mls of A and 3-4 mls of B (flowering stage)

Please see Canna Hdyro Feed Chart Here.