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House & Garden Roots Excelurator Gold combines a variety of beneficial ingredients including bacteria, B-complex vitamins, cold-pressed seaweed, molasses and seed extracts. Roots Excelurator Gold removes the brown, dead or dying roots of your plants to retain bacteria, pathogens and diseases in your plants.

Second, it allows nutrients to pass through while preventing diseases such as root rot from reaching the roots.Third, it promotes rapid root growth that can amaze even experienced gardeners The improved nutrient uptake and extended root protection provided by Roots Excelurator Gold results in increased plant health and increased yields. Roots Excellator Gold Tutorial:

Roots Excellator Gold is thick and viscous and is best used with dirt or coco. However, in hydroponics, half intensity can be used when needed to prevent dripper/pipe clogging and reservoir foaming.House & Garden Roots Excelurator Silver is perfect for hydroponics. It works with any setup, won't foam in your reservoir, and won't clog drippers or pipes.

Roots Excelurator Gold 0.3ml/L should be used after the cuttings are still in the vegetative stage and roots have been established, then the pH should be adjusted. Continue application until the beginning of the flowering period as needed. When used as directed, 500ml of Roots Excel can be diluted to process 1666 liters of nutrient solution. It is important to remember that concentrated forms of nutrients, boosters, or additives should never be combined (i.e. directly from the bottle). It should be processed and thoroughly stirred after each addition.