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Multi Zyme - House & Garden
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Multi Zyme - House & Garden

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As a nutrient absorption and growth booster, Multi Zyme is an excellent choice.

Growth booster House & Garden Multi Zyme is rich in enzymes and co-enzymes and contains vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to plants. Using it speeds up and streamlines the process of growth Removing dead root debris, as well as increasing the plant's inherent resistance to disease, is one of its primary functions.

As a result of enzymes, nutrients can be rapidly absorbed by the plant. Humic acid and protein compounds found in Multi Zymes are known to promote rapid root growth. Root growth stimulates the remainder of your plant's development and aids in its recovery from stress. Room & Board

A comprehensive feeding regimen should include Multi Zyme.

You should start using Multi Zymes in the first five weeks of the vegetative phase. First, combine the base nutrients and set your EC parameters, then add Multi Zyme and modify your PH values in the nutrients container. Two weeks after planting out, the plant has to build up a resistance and boost its nutrient absorption in order to become robust and healthy.