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Powder - GuanoKalong

Powder - GuanoKalong

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This organic super fertiliser is full of natural ingredients and improves the flavour, quality and yield of the end product.

Guanokalong® Powder provides astonishing growth by fortifying the root zone with essential micro-elements and enzymes. The plant also receives the necessary macro-elements such as phosphorus to stimulate healthy plant growth.

Improved flavour, quality and yield.
For both indoor and outdoor use.
Stimulates root growth.
Abundant bloom.
Provides added protection from bacterial infections.
Decreased risk of leaf scorch due to the slow release of nutrients.
No unpleasant odour.
No expiration date when kept in a dark and dry location.
For both indoor and outdoor use.
For outdoor cultivation: 1 kg Guanokalong® Powder is sufficient for 5 – 10 m². At a later stage, scatter Guanokalong® Powder over the earth as needed and rake it thoroughly into the soil.
For use in pots and/or planters: before planting, mix 100 grams of Guanokalong® Powder into 15 litres of potting soil or earth. At a later stage, scatter Guanokalong® Powder over the soil as needed and water thoroughly.

100% natural bat droppings
NPK 1-10-1 in powder form
Guanokalong® Powder is a completely natural product. Therefore, the NPK values may vary per batch. NPK 1 + 10 + 1 is the minimum guaranteed analysis. Guanokalong® Pellets is not mixed with other fertilisers to guarantee a specific NPK% on the label. This means that Guanokalong® Powder can always be used in the same quantities without the risk of scorching your plants.

Because of its organic nature, Guanokalong® Powder is not a complete fertiliser. Additional nitrogen or potassium may be added separately. Nitrogen (Kalong Grow or Veg Pearls) during the vegetative phase and Potassium (Kalong Bloom or Palm Tree Ash) during the flowering stage.

Guanokalong® carries an organic certification license from the Control Union for the following products: Guanokalong® Powder, Pellets and Extract. All our products are evaluated according to strict organic production regulations regarding manufacturing practices and processes. Control Union Certification Standards (based on EEC 834/2007 and 889/2008).
Please See GuanoKalong Feed Chart.