Extract - GuanoKalong

Extract - GuanoKalong

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This organic flavour enhancer is full of natural ingredients and improves the flavour, quality and yield of the end product.

As a liquid extract of Guanokalong® Powder, Guanokalong® Extract is an ideal choice when not using a soil or coco coir substrate. Suitable for any cultivation system!

Improved flavour, quality and yield.
For both indoor and outdoor use.
Suitable for all growers and all systems.
Stimulates root growth.
Abundant bloom.
Provides added protection from bacterial infections.
Decreased risk of leaf scorch due to the gradual release of nutrients.
No unpleasant odour.

For both indoor and outdoor use.
Guanokalong® Extract can be used as a supplement to the regular growing schedule from other fertiliser manufacturers.
When using Guanokalong® Powder or pellets, the addition of Guanokalong® Extract is unnecessary.
Simply add Guanokalong® Extract approximately 1x per week to the feed water.
Dosage: at least 10 ml Guanokalong® Extract per litre of water. (Some orchid growers achieve abundant results with a 50/50 ratio.)

100% natural bat droppings
NPK <2% in liquid form
The colour may vary between batches
No added preservatives, hormones, acids or sugars
Because of its organic nature, Guanokalong® Extract is not a complete fertiliser. Additional nitrogen or potassium may be added separately. Nitrogen (Kalong Grow or Veg Pearls) during the vegetative phase and Potassium (Kalong Bloom or Palm Tree Ash) during the flowering stage.

Guanokalong® carries an organic certification license from the Control Union for the following products: Guanokalong® Powder, Pellets and Extract. All our products are evaluated according to strict organic production regulations regarding manufacturing practices and processes. Control Union Certification Standards (based on EEC 834/2007 and 889/2008).

Please See GuanoKalong Feed Chart.