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Besides the regular CANNA COCO products CANNA also offers CANNA COGr. This is a line of nutrients and a special coco substrate, called the CANNA COGr board. This coco substrate has the same qualities as CANNA's other coco substrates but has a coarser structure that is particularly suitable for the experienced coco user. There is a special line of nutrients for CANNA COGr, called CANNA COGr Vega and CANNA COGr Flores. The COGr board also requires a special buffering agent.

At the heart of the COGr line lies the COGr board. This board consists of a sophisticated mix of coconut grit, coconut fibre, and coconut granulates. The COGR board can absorb large amounts of nutrients, moisture and air simultaneously, which are made immediately available to the plant.

Advantages of CANNA COGr:

Total control. A grower can buffer, administer the nutrients and even determine how long he/she lets the plants grow or bloom. This way, yields can be vastly improved.

Higher yields. The airy structure of the COGr board makes higher yields possible with less nutrients.

Coconut fiber is an organic product with a homogeneous structure, free of harmful chemical additives, viruses or soil diseases.

This is the last culture medium developed by CANNA. It consists of a well-calculated mix of coconut powder, coconut fibers and coconut granules. The advantage of this product is that the culture medium can be controlled better because it contains more air.

This results in a faster rooting and, therefore, in larger harvests! Another advantage of the COGr sheets is that they are pressed and dried, which facilitates storage and transport. They are also suitable for reuse!

The COGR plates are supplied pressed and dried thus facilitating their transport and storage
To convert them into a ready-to-use culture medium, COGR plates must be soaked with a COGR BUFFER AGENT developed specifically for this purpose.
The plates experience an increase in volume from the original 3 liters to 17 liters of quality substrate
Dilute the BUFFER AGENT in a ratio of 1: 500 with water and adjust the pH to 5.5-5.8.
Add ± 12.5 liters of the BUFFER AGENT diluted by each COGR plate, for example with a shower or hose.
Make drainage incisions before or after the application of the BUFFER AGENT, depending on the system you use
Allow the COGR iron to rest with the BUFFER AGENT for 24 hours so that it will have its effect. Let the excess moisture from the iron drain and make the incisions to plant.

The porosity, lightness, its power of absorption and retention of humidity guarantees an unbeatable rooting and subsequent development of the plants. Can be used in all types of pots, planters or terrains, alone or with other types of peat or land improving them. Ideal for indoor and outdoor ornamental crops, flowers, vegetables, grass, aromatic, seedlings, etc.

Among the agricultural substrates that can be obtained in the market, coconut fiber is being the one that increases the greatest use, on the part of the farmer. The basic reason for this rapid increase in consumption-utilization is due to its excellent physical, chemical-physical and chemical properties, which are the closest ones known for an ideal substrate.

This substrate is obtained from the external part of the coconut fruit, by means of a crushing and screening process. This material was known and used from time immemorial by farmers in the tropics, which allowed high production, along with excellent quality of fruits or plants that were grown on coconut fiber.
Specifications of Growing Coco Coir Slab Canna COGr 100x15x7,5cm (12,5L)

Canna Brand
COGr Irons
Pressed and dried
In each slab, 4-5 plants can be grown.
100% ecological natural substrate
You can plant directly in them
Without parasitic seeds, or phytopathogenic contamination
Dimensions: 100x15x7,5cm