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Cal-Max re-energizes soilless medium and repairs minor nutrient deficiencies in plants brought on by nutrient imbalance, rapid growth, or excessive humidity.

Required equipment for gardeners working with coir-based media.
Chlorophyll and protein synthesis are fueled by abundant nitrogen, which allows plants to quickly recover from nutrient stress.
With increased resilience to iron deficiency, your plants will be able to flourish and grow more greenery when you use chelated iron.
A plant's vitality and growth rate are both enhanced by calcium addition throughout critical growth stages.

Apply to the foliage to help plants recover from malnutrition more quickly.
It works wonderfully as a coco coir charger.

Minerals of many types can be found in it.

Rapid regreening of nitrogen-starved plants thanks to a rapid infusion of nitrogen and magnesium, which stimulates the formation of chlorophyll and protein.
Growth in all its verdant glory can be protected from deficiencies using chelated iron.
Calcium fertilisation strengthens plants and facilitates rapid growth.

Helpful for dealing with hot and humid conditions.

At times of rapid growth or high temperature, calcium may be in short supply.
The goal of this concoction is to decrease plant damage by increasing calcium flow.
If the soil already has enough calcium levels, high heat and humidity may still inhibit plants from absorbing enough.
The use of a foliar treatment could be considered as a solution at that time.

In a coir-based medium, nutrient deficiencies are reduced.

Because of its fast-acting nitrogen and abundant calcium supply, Cal-Max is ideal for correcting the naturally imbalanced composition of coco coir-based media.

Amount of Nitrogen in the Environment (N) 1.0% Chelated Iron (Fe).......... 2.0% Magnesium (Mg).......... 3.0% Calcium (Ca) (actual) Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA, a chelating agent) 0.1% 0.68%