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Dense Bud Compactor - Green Planet
Green Planet

Dense Bud Compactor - Green Planet

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It's 500 grams of Green Planet's Dense Bud Compactor.
In the bloom cycle, the potassium combination in Dense Bud Compactor helps harden flowers. It's a practical way to get potassium in a concentrated form. Crop yields and overall quality, as well as shelf life, are boosted by the addition of potassium.

Over 80 plant enzymes are activated by potassium, which regulates everything from gas exchange to water use, including the opening and closing of the stoma. To convert Phosphorous into an energy source, Potassium is also critical. Plants with a potassium deficit may suffer greatly. Symptoms of potassium shortage include yellowing, cupping leaves, and brown/orange patches. Increase the weight and density of your harvest by supplying your plants with the potassium they absolutely need.

Soil less or Coco fibre 1-2 grams per litre / 4-8 grams per gallon
Hydroponic use 1 gram per litre / 4 grams per gallon of nutrient solution
For optimal results use during the last 3 weeks of flowering before harvest. It has an NPK of 0-0-62.