Golden Goddess (formerly fulvic)- Advanced Nutrients

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Super Nutrients Minerals like Golden Goddess help plants thrive in nature.

Fulvic acid has several useful functions, and one of them is that it may "transport" minerals and nutrients into the plant. A single molecule of Fulvic Acid may include as many as sixty different minerals, according to some calculations. Minerals that make up salt will benefit from this treatment plan as well.

By keeping the pH stable, fulvic acid not only helps your plants absorb more of the nutrients you give them, but it also boosts your harvest. Utilize F1 and Wet Betty as soon as the first flowers show to maximise the total amount of blooms. The optimum results from using F1 should be achieved when combined with a healthy, balanced diet.

Veins of humic and fulvic acids, both of which are very nutrient-dense, may be found in the black organic debris that is buried deep beneath the ground. For over eighty years, the Golden Goddess family has used their Extra Pure Humic Acid formula to grow prize-winning flowers and vegetables. Extra Pure Humic Acid from the Goddess, found in Golden Goddess, helps soil retain water and improve its structure, stimulates ion exchange, and ups buffering, all while facilitating the absorption of seeds and vitamins. The use of Golden Goddess Extra Pure Humic Acid from the goddess has been shown to enhance horizontal root development in the soil and to boost enzymes.

For optimal plant development, you need the organic elements found in Golden Goddess' Extra Pure Humic Acid. Because of this, the love, wisdom, and devotion of Golden Goddess may be found in every bottle of Golden Goddess's Exceptionally Pure Humic Acid, Golden Goddess's Golden Fulvic Acid (F-1), and Golden Goddess's Sensational Seaweed Extract. Take full advantage of the synergy between these three items by using them concurrently.

During the growth period, use 1–4ml/L of Advanced Nutrients Golden Goddess Feed to keep the environment healthy.

Before each usage, give the bottle a vigorous shake.

When creating your nutrition solution, keep in mind that you don't want to combine the nutrients in their concentrated forms. For optimal plant nutrition, add nutrients to the tank one at a time and fully mix them in before moving on to the next step in your feeding schedule.