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Terra Aquatica's (General Hydroponics) silicate (Mineral Magic) is an organic, naturally occurring supplement for nutrient solutions. As a trace element, silicate is advantageous to many plants and is especially useful for hydroponic crops.

It comprises naturally occurring silicic acid clay and biologically converted organic materials from ancient seabed deposits, both of which have many positive properties.

Its rich composition promotes the development of root-friendly microorganisms and helps maintain a conducive environment for the plant to flourish in. Provides silicate as silicic acid, which is taken up by plant cells and acts as a fortified barrier against insect pests, root rot, and pathogenic mould.

T.A. silicate's inherent colloids boost the nutritional solution's ion-exchange capacity, allowing for greater nutrient uptake. As a result, there will be more mineral salts to go around. The solution's pH is maintained, and the stress levels of rapidly expanding plants are lowered.

T.A. Silicate is not a fertiliser, but rather, an organic supplement to the nutrients already being used by the plants.

How and how much T.A. silicate to use:
Just use a teaspoonful of powder (4 grammes) and sprinkle it at the bottom of each plant's stem.
It is recommended that 4 grammes of Mineral Magic be mixed into every 10 litres of water when making fertiliser solution for hydroponic systems.
Leaves can be sprayed with a solution of 4 grammes of the powder dissolved in 10 litres of water.