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Simple in its functionality The LED panel is easy to read, making it simple to configure the 24-hour timer so that users may choose different humidity levels for when the lights are on, when they are off, and at any point in between, such as when they wish to turn off the humidity in advance of going to bed.

The gardener may direct the flow of humidified air wherever it is needed thanks to the twin nozzle's 360-degree rotation. We suggest putting it near an intake fan so it can spread evenly across the room.

The HumiPro, a 4L ultrasound humidifier with in-built humidistat, automatic power control, and remote control capability, provides the user with the flexibility and functionality typically only seen in more expensive machines.

The Humipro's built-in humidistat ensures that your garden is always at the ideal humidity level. Humidistats have a range from 30 to 100 percent; if the relative humidity in the room is more than 70 percent, the humidifier will gradually lower its output until it reaches the desired level. The humidifier will increase its output until the user-selected humidity level is attained, and the process will be reversed if the humidity falls below the level. The lack of a humidistat in other budget-friendly humidifiers makes it necessary to buy a separate device in order to keep the air at a constant humidity level.

Specifications for the GARDEN HIGHPRO HUMIPRO:
Inches: 16 Length: 16 Width: 31.5 Height
4.2 litre capacity
Independence: Around-the-Clock
Electricity: 210–220 volts, 50–60 hertz
Length of Power Cord: 1.2 Meters

The HUMIPRO's Basic Operation:

Tap water should never be used in a humidifier because it can damage the humidifier's electronics and leave deposits on other grow room fixtures (such reflectors), reducing their effectiveness.
You should set up the humidifier either inside the growing space or the air-gathering room.

To achieve the ideal relative humidity, use in conjunction with a dehumidifier.