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G.A.S Enviro Controller V2 regulates fan speed for both AC and EC fans. Not only that, but you can also adjust the on and off times for almost every device in your grow room. Lights (up to 1200W), heaters, humidifiers and even pumps can all be controlled using information from the environment. This simplifies set up and allows you to easily control your grow space and maintain the perfect environment from one point. V2 includes new features such as minimum and maximum fan speed settings for better control of day and night environments, the ability to adjust temperature and humidity sensors, LED screen auto-dimming, and a new unobtrusive green LED light there is. your plant cycle.

Controls both fan types
The controller manages the temperature and humidity of the growing space by digitally controlling the fan speed. Enviro Controller V2 automatically controls fan speed for both AC and EC fans. A built-in fan balancer allows the V2 to control both the intake and exhaust fans in the grow room. Designed to work perfectly with the Systemair Revolution EC and AC fan range.

perfect your environment
The temperature and humidity sensors in the Enviro Controller V2 are easy to install in your grow room and use thermostats to detect changes in the environment and automatically adjust to pre-programmed parameters so your grow room temperature fluctuates. There is nothing to do. A humidity sensor also monitors and maintains humidity. Day and night settings can be programmed to maintain the desired climate in the grow room and match the lighting cycle. Multifunctional
In addition to controlling fans, the Enviro Controller V2 has two additional fully programmable outlets for controlling other eco-friendly grow room devices such as heaters, humidifiers, dehumidifiers and lighting. can be used for The heater can be set to turn on when the temperature drops below the setpoint. For heaters, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, you can choose different settings for day and night, so you always get the best conditions in your grow room. It can control most grow indoor equipment as long as it does not exceed 13 amps or 2,200 watts per output. Grow lights have a high starting current, so don't exceed 1200 watts. V2 also has a dump facility for closed loop environments. See the Enviro Controller Guide for detailed instructions.

Main advantage
Control AC and EC fans
Control and regulate temperature and humidity in the grow room
day and night settings
Dump facility for closed-loop environments
LCD Screen
Two programmable sockets that can control other growth chamber devices
Easy navigation and setup
Control humidifier, dehumidifier, heater, lights and timer with one controller
1200 watts or less for grow lights (2 x 600 watt lights)
AC fan up to 2200 watts
Built-in fan balancer running outlet and inlet fans
13 Amps max total
Dimensions 20 x 9cm
1.2m power cable
3.8 meter probe length
Works perfectly with Systemair Revolution AC and EC fans