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FloraGro - GHE

FloraGro - GHE

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GHE Flora Gro General Hydroponics Vegetating Plant Nutrient

For all growing methods: hydroponics, soil less and soil
The concept of a 3 parts nutrient, and Flora-series, were created for General Hydroponics by Dr. Cal Herrmann, formerly senior chemist at NASA, in collaboration with scientists from the University of Davis in California. Dr. Herrmann is, today, a partner at GHE and still conducts research.

Flora is a dynamic, evolving formula, constantly updated, and adapted to the latest scientific discoveries. Simply, it allows you to match the needs of your plant through its different stages by changing the ratios between the liquids, as well as their concentration.

FloraGro promotes a lush structural and foliar growth.

FloraGro stimulates the structural and vegetative growth as well as building strong roots and providing the majority of nitrogen, potassium and secondary minerals.

Please See GHE Feed Chart.