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Fabric Pot 38L
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Fabric Pot 38L

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Made from porous breathable fabric, Fabric Pots allow your plants to thrive by promoting exceptional root health and vigorous growth.
Ideal for compost, hydroponic or pond applications. 

Roots are air pruned...when the roots reach the edge of the container, instead of circling around as in a normal pot, the roots respond to the edge of the pot by growing new branches in the body of the compost, resulting in better moisture and nutrient take-up and a stronger root system.

Breathable fabric provides superior drainage and aeration.
Keeps plants cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
The soft-sided construction allows the planter to conform to your terrain, making them the perfect choice for all growing areas.
Can be used in hydroponic and aquaponic systems with various media types.
Can be used a pot liner for other planters
Rot-proof fabric is long lasting and re-usable.
The top can be rolled down to reduce the height of the planter as required.

Fabric Pots are ideal for:
Patios and balconies 
Tomatoes and Chillies
Salad and Vegetables
Flowers and Shrubs