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Evoponic - Motherkare

Evoponic - Motherkare

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Support Growth
Approach to medical treatment
Concentrated nutrients such as ascophilium extract, amino acids, alginates, sugars, phyto-allexins, and natural brassinosteroids may be purchased.

Plant breeders may use Motherkare to help in plant propagation. If you follow these steps, you'll end up with a plant that is strong and resilient enough to use as a mother plant for future clones.
A plant-based chemical that is safe for human consumption since it contains no plant growth regulators (should be acceptable for Organic certification).

Recuperation time is cut down because to the plant steroids it contains.
Extra plant extracts will help stimulate expansion and branching.

Keeping the plant healthy while you take cuttings.

Facilitates the growth of side branches.

Combine with additional Evoponic Nutrients for optimal results.

 ISpeed up and heighten the healing process once cuts have been taken. Furthermore, it may maximise both output and health even during the briefest of growing seasons.

Used in either hydroponic or soil/compost gardens.

To get the most out of a nutritional solution, use 10 millilitres per 10 litres.