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Evoponic - Bud Honey

Evoponic - Bud Honey

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How to Calculate Carbohydrates
Fruits with higher sugar content and more robust flavour are the result of the addition of essential carbohydrates, such as oligosaccharides.

By increasing the amount of sugar produced naturally by the plant, Bud Honey can be used as a biostimulant at the end of the flowering/fruiting stage to make the plant less enticing to sucking insects and more resistant to early rotting disease.
All-natural and derived from plants, this product contains no artificial growth regulators (PGRs) (should be acceptable for Organic certification).
A simple flavour enhancer that works when sugar solutions have failed.

 Generates sweeter tasting buds.

 Uses both simple and complex carbohydrates.

 Gives your plant a sugary boost.

From week 4 of flowering:
Use 20ML per 10L for hand-feeding application.
Use 5ML per 10L for other systems.